Our Ingredients

At Naanz, we know that the ingredients we use are the heart and soul of the dishes we make. This is why we only seek out high quality food. Fresh vegetables, healthy grains, and good proteins, this is what goes into every meal we take out of our tandoori ovens.

All of our ingredients are prepared fresh, with no preservatives used in their storage. Our chicken and lamb come from hormone-free sources. In this way, we’re able to provide you with a better taste experience and a superior level of nutrition, all under a highly affordable price tag.

We prepare our naan and other dishes to order in our double tandoor ovens. These are very hot ovens, with a high level of heat radiating from below to sear your proteins and vegetables. This effectively seals in all of the flavorful juices. The end result is a dish that bursts with flavor, melting in your mouth with every bite.